Water Quality Report

Drinking Water Quality Report (Consumer Confidence Report)

Each year we make available a short report that tells where your water comes from and what is in it. Hawley Water Supply Corporation purchases treated water from Abilene & Anson, we are required to provide 2 seperate reports for the Annual Consumer Confidence Report. Both reports look identically, pay particular attention to the chemical analyist on both reports, this is where you see the differences in both reports. Below the report, there are two links, if you are in routes 1,2,3,4,5,6,9,10 and 11, click on the link that has "2019 Abilene Customers Annual Consumer Confidence Report", routes 7 & 8 click on the link for "2019 Anson Customers Annual Consumer Confidence Report".  If you would like to recieve a hard copy, please call the office or come by and pick one up.